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AGIA – Association of Guides and Interpreters of Alentejo, founded in June 24th 2003, was the first association of experts of touristic information in Portugal, having the Alentejo as the major region and central point of this activity, with the Head Quarters in Évora, World Heritage City.

All the members are
Oficial Guides with long experience in working with visitors and tourists in Alentejo, being certified to guide either individual clients or groups in several languages: English, portuguese, spanish, french, german, italian and dutch.

Every day in Évora you will have a Guide who assures a visit to this city-museum. The circuit begins in the Tourist Office, on Giraldo Square at 10 o`clock and will lead you to discover the main points of the town.

There are also in other cities, city-tours like Elvas, Monsaraz and Marvão, it needs previous booking.

Besides the guided visit of Évora, Monsaraz, Elvas and Marvão these are some of the itineraries you may choose and that we recommend to discover Alentejo:

•Évora Archaeologic Circuit - tour along the fields around the town, in contact with archaeologic sites, such as Dolmen at Zambujeiro, Cromlech of Alemendres, pre historical paintings at Escoural and the Roman Village of Tourega.
Monsaraz and Vineyards - discovering Monsaraz a midieval town, with its cistern and fortress adding a visit to the Wine Cellars of Esporão
• Embroiders in Arraiolos – The ancient tradition of wonderful rugs and carpets, observing the perfect work done by those women. Allied to the historical patrimony of this town in Alentejo.
• The royal lands of King Manuel I – Visiting Beja means to discover Manueline, the unique Portuguese style, the tiles and the beautiful story of Soror Mariana Alcoforado and her platonic passion.
• Castles on the border - Alandroal, Juromenha, Elvas and why not Olivença. The defensive line built to preserve the nationality through castles, fortresses and ancient traditions.
• Northern Alentejo Jewish Mosque – The testimony of the jewish people expulsion from Spain in the fifteenth century told by the edified patrimony - candidated for World Heritage.
• Alentejo Coast

These are some interesting points to conquer this land. Count on us to help you to organise your tour and feel together the Alentejo.

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